Keep It Classy, Not Trashy

Red wine.  We’ve all kissed our lips to the glass & drank its rich beauty in.  Yes, maybe the strength of it shocked us.  Yes, maybe we crinkled our nose in dislike.  But somehow, someway, we let its heady presence bewitch us into this complex on-again-off-again relationship.  But every love affair has its problems, & wine can occasionally turn against us with astonishing & disorienting force.  Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.  And no one respects a woman who walks in a zig-zag pattern or falls down the stairs.  Mature adults enjoy a refreshing glass of wine with their friends, & then move on.  That’s what it’s meant for.  But to abuse it, that is, overuse it, is to introduce humiliaton & regret…tragedy even.  It all depends on self control.  How much do you have? How much should you have? (Ask yourself this everytime you start to toast).  So lovely, go ahead & savor that glass, but remember when to put it down too.

P.S. Wine Fountains seem like a rad idea, non?



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