You Are My Sweetest Downfall…

WHY AM I SO SENTIMENTAL TODAY? Seriously though.  It is becoming a real problem in regards to my usually self-possessed routine.  Reading too much William Blake.  Btw, Avatar was gorgeous eye candy and fascinating in terms of world/creature/cinematic things.  It felt like being inside of a Halo game, only prettier.  When my bro asked me what I thought of it, I replied, “It’s an elaborate, epic, sci-fi version of Pocahontas.”  I forgot to add ‘long’ in there.  Yeah, it was freaking long.  All in all…worth it…but I’m not going to lie.  This viewer was pretty disappointed with the screenplay, actors, and plot.  5 thumbs down on that one.  Sorry.  That’s just my opinion.  For $14.00 I was expecting a real plot twist or something.  Oh well.  James Cameron is still a fantasy creator evil genius.

♥ L


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