Tube of Idiocy

I’ve come to the not-so-hard-to-realize conclusion that television  makes you hopelessly stupid.  The more you watch, the emptier your mind gets.  It’s like a drug.  Five minutes of The Girls Next Door is enough to make my I.Q. -50 or my mood incurably depressed with human idiocy. Of course, there are some reasonably rockin shows out there, ones that I shyly admit to being ‘addicted’ to.  Malcolm in the Middle, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Office, Joan of Arcadia, Monk, Bleach, Death Note, Eden of the East, Avatar the Last Airbender, Project Runway, Cash Cab, Man vs. Wild, and anything on Discovery/History channel is more like a natural, holistic, herb.  Nothing illegal.  With that said, take into account some of this wisdom…

♥ L


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