Bad Romance

I used to be annoyed and slightly disturbed by this one artist named Lady Gaga…and then I danced to one of her songs.  Life changing.  Although there was no substance to her lyrics or uniqueness in the melody, that song worked so well in a stress free club dance sort of deal.  Also it got stuck in my head all day.  Then I started to open my thoughts up — I’m not so narrow minded, right? Sure, the chick’s weird, but so are many famous musicians.  It’s almost like part of the job description.  As bizarre and confusing as her live performances are, everyone must admit that the overall show is entertaining.  And that’s what live music is all about.  Entertaining.  Offering a means of escape.  Well, Lady Gaga has accomplished that (along with a pinch of psychotic based chaos).  I heard her performance once announced as “The Gaga Spectacle”.  No words could be more fitting.  So this post -obviously- must include a little bit of the spacey singer herself.  Here we go.

Brace yourself.  For strangeness.

♥ L


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