Foreshadowing a White Christmas?

Today was a snow day.  And since I’ve never seen snow fall from the sky before (well on T.V. but that does NOT count), I was overly excited and obnoxious.  By the way, snow does not show up on a camera phone 😦  It felt like I was trapped inside a snowglobe after its being shaken — without the water and glass — and porcelain figurines.  Um.  So.  Huzzah for white flakes of magic and their Christmas-ness!

Snow Flurries

There were snow flurries in the air today
early for my liking, snow flurries coming
in small singular spirals, falling through the air
spun by their shapes, the tug of the wind
sitting in the office, watching them tumble
by my window, pause in the conversation with client
marvel for a moment at the ballet before me
forward scouts for their brethren to follow
later in the season when fall yields to winter
soon enough they will come, in legions

-Raymond A. Foss

♥ L


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