Never Did Run Smooth

come down

Who do you love most in the world? Is it someone in your family? A close friend? Your lover? Your spouse? Mentor? Co-worker? Muse? I’m asking because the consequence of loving this person shapes your entire destiny, for better or for worse… so if you love the wrong person, everything becomes twisted.  Everything tears you apart.  The stars in their courses fight against you.  If you look around at the pieces of humanity which make up your life, what do you see? Complexity is okay — it adds depth and purpose.  Worry is normal — it comes from not being able to predict the future.  Struggle is fine — it brings strength and wisdom.  Confusion is acceptable — it is part of the mystery of nature.  Melancholy is understandable — it cannot be escaped at times.  But fear, anger, jealousy, desperation, violence, unforgiveness, misery, self-hatred, cruelty, stubbornness, insincerity, materialism, arrogance, and hopelessness — these all will lead to hell on earth.

If the person you love elicits one or more of these aforementioned killers, it’s time to change your personal Fate before it becomes too bleached and tangled to slip free.  Waiting it out or hoping it will get better is the same as doing nothing.  And nothing will change, believe me.  Well, nothing will change for the better.  What then? What event can happen to save you from eternal unhappiness? Peace.  You, my friend, need Peace.  You need rightness like a grater needs parmesan.  This can be achieved by either A) Confronting your loved one…or… B) Cutting away from your loved one…or…C) Enlisting someone’s help regarding loved one.  Unfortunately, none of these are easy.  There is no simple solution which will radically improve your life.  (Other than accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior, but that’s another topic for another day).  So, if you intend to bring about Peace through your own human means, it’s gotta be one these babies.  It is entirely up to you if you want to continue your association with this loved one in the same way or not.  They hurt you intially, so it is your call on whether to second-chance them or not.  Perhaps it wouldn’t be wise to, or perhaps they have changed and thus potentially earned  it…either way, you call the shots.  Good luck.

But perhaps you are the one responsible for a hell-on-earth inducing noun! In that case, you still need to start with Peace.  Make it right between you and your loved one.  Ask them to forgive you, acknowledge what you’ve done/are doing wrong, and vow to move away from that previous bent altogether.  The impossibly difficult kicker? Mean it.  Every word.  If you don’t mean it, don’t even bother saying it.  The loved one will either know that you don’t mean it, or they will be incredibly pained when you break your word.  So you absolutely must reek of authenticity, my friend.  Make sure to spray plenty on before opening your mouth.  And from thence on, it can go one of two ways.  You can both mutually agree to start over, carry on, and move forward, in Peace and Understanding…or you can leave everything as it now stands, where it now stands, in Peace.  Neither one is right, neither one is wrong; it is entirely personal, private, and circumstantial.  Goooood luck.

♥ L


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