Break Out The Tissues

Sorry for so many videos! But this one was sort of imparitive to share.  Even out of context it is one powerful succession of scenes.  I was literally shaking in the end, when Liza-Lu takes Angel’s hand.  It’s okay if you don’t know who any of the characters are — this is BBC’s latest adaption of Thomas Hardy’s beloved novel, Tess of the D’ubervilles.  Came out in 2008, I think? Still love the 1998 version with Justine Waddell and Oliver Milburn best, though.  It’s probably just a purist thing.  I can never resist verbatim book to movie adaptions! Anyway, despite my moderate disappointment in BBC’s attempt (nothing compared to their Wuthering Heights scandal mind you), I still find myself haunted with the ending of this raw, exquisite story…most likely because Thomas Hardy wrote a fool-proof tragic ending.  Quite brilliant, really.

♥ L



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2 responses to “Break Out The Tissues

  1. superalzy

    I love Tess of the d’Urbervilles! I haven’t seen any film reproductions of it because I don’t think it could capture the poetry of Hardy’s words. I don’t know. I’m weird with books…and this is my favorite of all time 🙂

    • ♥ L

      Yes, it’s one of my ultimate favorite books as well, usually read once a month. I totally empathize with your aversion towards book-to-screen adaptions…it can be either sublimely thrilling or utterly heartbreaking and Hollywood rarely gets it right. While no one can ever do Hardy complete justice, 1998 Tess of the d’ubervilles with Justine Waddell and Oliver Milburn is one to satisfy us purists. So much of it is verbatim! Yes, as in direct quotes. And the three leads — Tess, Angel, and Alec — were cast by God. The music is spot on. Costumes, accents, chemistry…it’s just really well done. I highly recommend it. The other adaptions (Roman Polanski and BBC) have some nice moments and valid points, but ultimately they fall short of Thomas Hardy’s masterpiece. Just watch the 1998 one. Let me know if you like it!!!

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