Only Human


What are the TOP ELEVEN SUPERPOWERS you wished you had? Mine are…

1.  Flight

2.  Psychic powers (telekinesis, telepathy, prophecy)

3.  Healing (Self and others)

4.  Superior fighting skills (agility, strength, improvisation)

5.  Invisibility

6.  Heightened senses (sight, sound, scent, taste, touch, intuition)

7.  Power mimicry

8.  Shapeshifting

9.  Climb all surfaces (like the ceiling)

10.  Manipulate elements

11.  Time travel!!!!

♥ L



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2 responses to “Only Human

  1. essenceofnone

    I always wanted to fly. Woudn’t it be great?
    Or…the power to be invisible and then you can go anywhere and be anywhere and no one would see you , ha ha. thanks.

    • ♥ L

      Flying seems like it would be utterly divine. All the cool people fly 😦
      Yeah, invisibility is another good one — just think of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak! You’re welcome for the imagination time.

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