Better Late Than Dead


Halloween is very possibly my most favorite day of the year.  Very possibly.  (Christmas & birthday are both top contenders).  So I genuinely hope that everyone had a majorly creepy and fully terrible Halloween! I for one, watched The Nightmare Before Christmas with friends (a must on that particular night).  And instead of candy, we had toast and jam.  Blasphemous, I know! Is this what’s it’s like to be “grown up” at Halloween? But I thought that no one (especially girls) ever outgrew it? Oh, well.  Fun was had nonetheless. I spent a considerable amount of time transforming myself into Bellatrix Lestrange.  Yes…it was forever sick.  My hair was so teased up, I couldn’t get the knots out.  And last year, I hosted the biggest and best Halloween party in the history of mankind.  Took me a month to plan.  It was not just forever sick…it was nauseatingly perfect.  All my friends agree that it will last us many years to come.  So tell me —

What did you do on Halloween? Who/what did you go as?

♥ L


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