Frightfully Good Ideas

svott c


Everyone asks this question around 12 A.M.  October 30.  Alas, by then, all grim reaper costumes will have been picked over.  Some go rebellious and wear a tag that says something more or less like: “This is my costume”.  Some slap on leftover easter bunny ears and hope they qualify.  Some opt to steal little kids’ candy instead.  That is, I mean…we all have different ways of transforming into readiness for the spooky night.  If you are having creative-genius blockage, check out this generally accepted as cool costume guide.

Mythical creature. Ghost, zombie, werewolf, monster, vampire, alien, unicorn.  Get beastly.

Infamous historical figure + blood. Did they die under bloody circumstances? Perfect.  Edgar Allan Poe, Anne Boleyn, King Tut, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, Joan of Arc.  Slap on some blood & enjoy.

Cult classic person. Breakfast Club, Heathers, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Donnie Darko; find your niche and channel them fearlessly.  So what if no one knows who you’re supposed to be? Educate them.

Any Harry Potter character. Who can deny the coolness of Dumbledore? That’s right…no one.

Good luck everyone.  Let me know what you’ve decided on!

♥ L


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