Words of Wisdom

Ever browse Youtube.com and peek in the comments section? Ever subsequently laugh for fifteen minutes after peeking? Yeah, this is for you.  Enjoy the best of the best in online commentary!


Chill out… its funny, don’t bring your super inteligence in this vid, just enjoy…

I was hoping for Dr Demento XD

Cant wait to watch when high

[First:] Alright ill explain, the CONCEPT is 100% from journey to the west. a monkey boy (goku) same as monkey here has to travel to train with mater roshi (in this, monkey travels to the west for enlightenment) ETC…the pig is his trasforming friend, like oolong, and the water demon is piccolo who starts evil, then is good.  theres no need for me to convince you that this is true, cause it is, its well known.

[Response:] WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. the story of this monkey is about hardship, unity and Buddhism. dragonball is about martial arts and aliens from other space that uses glass balls to make wishes come true.

Sumo boobs are so… mesmerising…

She didn’t say “Vagina!” LoL She said “Buon Giorno”, that means “Hello!” in Italian.

Curiosity does can kill a cat…

[First:] Who cares if its ake or not. it is hillarious.

[Response:] Wow you all now how to spell fake can you spell get a life

Thanks to kereoke, now when I see this song listed I always think of emo kids and “plus sized” girls singing their sad “hearts out” in front of a crowd that doesn’t know how to react.
But that isn’t a bad thing. I remember.

Smae here

Is it possible to cry like a little girl and cr@p your self at the same time, because i just did.

[First:] We be hateing on

[Response:] Are you spelling this bad on purpose???

Yes i am abe proved to me last night he was red neck I’m trying to put it in context he’ll understand

Not a chance…I have not wiped my ass for a week…people smell me before I enter a room..winner winner chicken dinner

If i had 60 billion dollars, i would come home and watch them greet me live this way. except, i would have them do this without that crap they have on them. and then i would have a sexy tyme with all of them 😉

The trolls dont have anger problems. their purpose is to troll. and only troll.

If she was any more in love with herself it would be incestuous.

This bird has the talent of a potato.

Did she see the Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video while eating red beans, pork, rice, milk and avocado?

♥ L



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2 responses to “Words of Wisdom

  1. superalzy

    I agree. Youtube comments make for awesome reading. I have responses to my videos emailed to my blackberry & it’s great for a laugh!

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