D.G. Update

It’s here, my friends.  It’s here.

Colin Firth is a BEAST. So now we finally know – LHW cannot possibly be more perfect. Thank goodness for that! If he’s the weak one, then the whole movie falls apart. But I have complete confidence in Mr. Firth. He’s proven to be the sickest male actor ever since his Darcy days. As for Ben Barnes as DG – meh. No way to tell yet. He certainly looks very pretty, which is essential, but no real displays of DGness so far. I look forward to seeing him become more corrupted.  Rachel Hurd-Wood, who I’m an enormous admirer of (mostly because she owned Wendy Darling), looks oh-so promising as Sybil Vane.  I couldn’t have called that one better myself.  Expect to hear her sweetly tuned voice turn tragic with tons of inevitable angst and lusciously heartbreaking scenes.

Ahh.  The strangling bit took me by complete surprise…a welcome one, no less.  (P.S. His wide brim hat looks ridiculous! Sorry, but two thumbs down on that one.)

I already want to beat the living…cynicism…out of Lord Henry Wotton! Ye-ess! (Side note: What the heck is up with Dorian’s sandpaper colored suit? Yuck.  Mr. Barnes deserves better.)

Oh, Sybil, Sybil.  Run while you can. (Wait, are they getting it on? That is so not book compatible).

Costumes? Sublime.  Just sublime.  I would like to sit on the sofa next to them and coo over Dorian’s naive proclamation too.

And so it begins.  With another ill-colored suit : (

What do you think of our first glimpse of soon-to-be-super-sick-literary-based-film Dorian Gray?

♥ L


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