Casa del Amor

My new apartment is forever sick with brick walls and high ceilings! I love how it exudes the perfect mixture of modern and vintage.  As for my room, we all know how much I love Black + Red + White, so it stands to reason that I furnished my living space accordingly.  It’s still (unfortunately) pretty bare, but the few things that I have put up so far look great.  These pictures served as inspirations for my latest interior decorating project…

seeNo red here, but the bold prints balance out well with the minimalist white furniture.


Black walls and gold accents always look stunning.  Very goth, which is a variation of my theme.


The random porcelain figurines and clear table work with the boldness of the stripes.

card garland

I am so making this.


Mirror.  Lamp.  Walls.  Fireplace.  Where to start?!


Frames all lined up make a lasting statement.


Wish I had chalkboard walls!


But there is an art room on the 11th floor which allows you to paint and graffiti to your heart’s content.  It looks roughly like this!

So…that’s just a little taste of what I’ve been trying to accomplish this past week.  What would your dream room look like?



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