Mission Impossible

 coyote ghost



 10 Things I Hope To Accomplish Before September:


♛  Move successfully to Chicago

♛ Decorate loft apartment black, white, and red with a victorian-goth edge 

♛ Lean towards the vegan diet (currently vegetarian)

♛ Party with friends before aforesaid moving

♛ See Ponyo at least once

♛ Fall/winter shop

♛ Color one streak of hair an unnatural color

♛ Purge room of useless items

♛ Learn a little more guitar

♛ Write down all my dreams and nightmares in a journal

What’s on your list for the fall? 

♥ L




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2 responses to “Mission Impossible

  1. Oooh, good question! Thus far my plans involve a canoe trip with my two BFFs, (back in the same country for the first time in seven years) making lots of soup, applying for new jobs, and making out *a lot* with a certain mister.

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