Understated Gloom

This season, black is back.  The world has finally caught on to fact that jet, stark, onyx, coal, or midnight black is smokin when infused in fashion.  In fact, black has made an unlikely entrance in makeup — specifically lipstick.  While some may frown at the shock of dark lips, others will find that it is extremely elegant when done right.

Well, what exactly is “right” then? Right is smooth, untouched-by-sun-skin.  It is minimal eye makeup and exfoliating lips before applying.  Right is using a lipliner (although eyeliner works too) to keep color from bleeding all over the place.  Right is sticking your finger in your mouth and pulling it out to wipe away potential teeth stains.  Right is brushing, flossing, and whitenening your teeth.  Right is rockin the black lips while simultaneously looking feminine.  Here are some It Girls who got it right…

rachel black lips

 Rachel McAdams keeps it simple with one statement feature — her lips! Leave the eyeliner at home this time.

soft black lips

Loose hair and flowing clothes create the illusion of innocent romanticism amidst the rock n roll worthy pout.



Channel the 20’s if you dare, then add a dark flair to the palette.  Gloves up the dramatic factor while a stark bob emphasizes the face.

 Would you wear black or dark lipstick? Favorite color and brand? 

♥ L


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