Eat Me

Next time you hit the grocery store, take a moment to consider these delicious options.  Your frozen pizza might not look so good then.

almond butter

Almond Butter – Superior to its peanut bro in so many ways.


Smartfood PopcornForget movie theater grease bags.


Luigi’s Italian Ice – Refreshing+Sweet+Inexpensive =  Perfect Frozen Dessert.


Amy’s Vegetable Lasagna – When we were out of this, I cried (actually I just ran and got more).

laughing cow

Laughing Cow Cheese – Good for spreading on sandwiches, crackers, and such.


Annie’s Macaroni & Cheese – Truth be told, anything by Annie’s should be bought.


Nature’s Finest Produce Smoothie Packets – Add this to fruit, milk and ice.  Best smoothie ever.


Seneca Apple Chips – They’re good in cinnamon too.

sweet baby ray

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce – Now that I have found it, I will never turn back to the Hunt side.


Black and White Cookies – Can be found in the bakery section of virtually any grocery store…thank goodness.

♥ L


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