On A Different Note…


If you enjoy dark, severe, serial, violent, intense, disturbing, reflective, distopian, hooking, depressing, action-packed, or complex plots…Death Note is for you.  (If not, stay away!)  Death Note is centered around Light Yagami, an intelligent but bored college student who chances upon the Death Note, a mysterious notebook which kills the person written in its pages.  Loaded with importance and curiosity, Light uses this new power to kill off convicted criminals — thus becoming a vigilante.  He becomes known as Kira (“killer”) and the main conflict of the story lies within Light’s clash with a detective named L, the FBI, and the police, who all believe he is a threat.

Now, I love an anti-hero.  I really do.  People aren’t always entirely good or entirely bad.  This series is a wonderful example of a protagonist you hate to love…or, you love to hate.  Either way, Death Note is provocative in regards to capital punishment, personal morals, government-run investigations, justice systems, etc.  It’s pretty heavy stuff; at times disturbing and graphic.  If you don’t usually stomach macabre things, steer clear from this one.  There is some amount of humor, but it’s usually black.

There is also a live action version of Death Note, which is worth watching, though it’s nowhere near as good as the animated show.  Rumor has it that Warner Brothers has acquired rights to make a new film.  I hope so! Death Note is my kind of a story…the kind which has room for many different facets, interpretations etc.  Everyone will have clashing ideas while watching, and rightfully so.  I found it interesting.

♥ L



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2 responses to “On A Different Note…

  1. Ahhhh, I have to see this now!! It sounds amazing!!!

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