Golden Days

These photographs remind me of summer…in all of its idleness, nostalgia, and imagination.  (Some lost creds).  Enjoy.


Photo Cred: Teen Vogue



meeting place

the group

Photo Cred: Vanity Fair


Photo Cred: Teen Vogue

“Out in the summer, I know I’m a seeker
Watch out the window, I’m sleeping and dreaming”


Photo Cred: Teen Vogue

girl in my story

“Summer’s gone a summer song
You’ve wasted every day, every day
Summer’s gone, can’t wipe it off my hands
Write it in the sand, in the sand
Where’ve my heroes gone today?”

happily ever


“Cool wind blows back my hair at night
Feels like summer, kind of feels all right
With my love, I lie back in the sun
Look at all the people chasing time, on the run
I hear laughter in the raging sea
Voices on the wind are calling out to me
Deep inside, so wild and free
Music in my heart, the fire inside of me
All night long you turn me on and baby you’re the one
Till the days of summer, till the days of summer
Till the days of summer are gone ”

♥ L


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