Half Full



I feel overwhelmingly hopeful on this rainy Saturday afternoon.  Today I believe that everything will be okay.  Not because the odds are any better now than they were before, but because I’m finally seeing the odds from a different perspective — an anticipatory one.  Maybe things are not perfect, maybe they never will be.  But what I have in my hands, head, and heart is just what I need for now.  So many people aren’t as lucky.  Dissatisfaction, disbelief; these attitudes are not relevant in my life currently (I wonder how long I can keep my positive voice?). 




When I think of all the starving people in the world, it makes me sad.  (Yeah, voice gone.)  Sad because I cannot hand my lunch over to them this second.  Sad because even if I do, there will always be 853647586 more people out there who go to bed hungry tonight.  Sad because the ones honestly trying to promote awareness on this tragedy are being ignored.  Sad because not even enough people care.  I have turned away countless times from the image of a skeletal orphan.  It’s too depressing.  It shouldn’t be real — therefore I avoid it.  Problem solved.  No.  Not even close.  (Is this what it feels like to be an optimist?) 


giving it away kate miss


Cross International is a non-profit organization dedicated to shipping relief and humanitarian aids overseas to third world countries such as Haiti, Peru, and Mozambique.  And the best part is that they educate, supply, and support locally run businesses, schools, orphanages, churches, and countless community projects through U.S. government and independent aid.  Cross helps a carefully selected region in being able to sustain itself, even after the relief organization has finished its job.  The blog is incredible – go check it out!

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