Femsculine: The New Balance

 I grew up one contradictory little kid.  On one hand, I was (and still am) obsessed with ballet.  On the other, I collected bugs.  I played dress up and then turned around to play video games.  I watched Beauty and the Beast and then turned it off to watch Batman.  I waved a wand and brandished a lightsaber. 

Yeah, I had a brother, and although my mom did a pretty good job at keeping my femininity intact, I confess that the tomboy in me prevailed far more than the girly-girl.  I lived outside, relished the dirt, and explored everything.  Running with the guys wasn’t just something I did — it was something I liked.  Gossiping with girlfriends seemed boring and talking on the phone stupid.  Manhunt, bonfires, camping, basketball, cliff jumping, lasertag, bike riding, fireworks, getting into a little trouble…that made sense.  That was the stuff I remembered. 

So today, while I may dance and wear makeup, I’m still known as the tomboy of the group.  I have some close girlfriends (and they are love), but I get along with my guy friends much better (because they are awesome).  Rollercoasters, rock concerts, X-games, Guitar Hero, monster truck shows, Rolling Stones, Monty Python…and less talking.  Discussing feelings, celebrities, or friend behavior is out.  I never was any good at that stuff anyway.  


Testosterone-Marketed Items I ♥:


lord of

Lords of Dogtown – Best movie ever


 monster jeep

Monster Jeep – No road? No problem. 



 Burritos – Mierda, son bueno. 


marvel and dc

DC  and Marvel Comics – The more old school, the better.


video games2

Video Games – Addicting but worth it.



Aerosmith – Oh, just go listen already.



 Law School – If I hadn’t taken the woefully unstable path of professional ballet, this is undoubtedly where I”d be.

♥ L


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