The New A-List


mia wasikowska

Mia Wasikowska

She’s Alice in Tim Burton’s latest adaption of Alice in Wonderland, and has no plans to let the commercialism go to her head: “There’s the kind of fame where people follow you around on the street and talk about your bum,” she explains. “And then there’s the kind where you’re known for your work. I prefer the latter.”  How can you not wish the girl well? 



Leeland Mooring

 Leeland is far from your average rockstar (is there an average rockstar?)…He promotes Food For the Hungry and really, you know, believes in it.  He wrote in his blog: “We spent some time with Food For the Hungry and discussed our upcoming trip to Cambodia & Bangladesh! Sooo pumped!!!”


heart necklace

Zooey Deschanel

She shines everywhere she goes.  Not much more to say.



Ed Westwick

 Being the Donnie Darko devotee that I am, the very second S. Darko hit video stores I checked it.  If you haven’t seen S. Darko yet, you are not missing anything.  It was horrible.  But if you have seen it, you may remember Ed as the small town baddie, and while I can’t vouch for the movie, his thoughtful, brood–esque acting really stood out.  He will next be taking over the role of Heathcliff in the new Wuthering Heights  movie.  If anyone can pull off Emily Bronte’s angst–ridden bad boy, it’s Ed.  Heights is set for 2010 (but don’t expect me to watch Gossip Girl -oh barf- in the meantime).



Meg White

Drummer (and occasional vocalist) of the White Stripes, Meg is a huge inspiration of mine.  She dresses in red, white, and black, enjoys photography, loves Bob Dylan, and doesn’t speak during interviews. 

♥ L


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