Did You Get Enough?


Okay, okay.  I know.  Michael Jackson’s untimely death is plastered EVERYWHERE.  Seriously.  I went to the bathroom and someone had written “We’ll Miss You Michael” on the stall in ballpoint pen.  And yes, I know about the brave U.S. soldier who was recently killed in Iraq and received no special honor from the media due to the king of pop’s subsequently more shocking death.  Yes, yes.  I know.

BUT.  It has to be said.  In his day, (pre-1990), MJ was the man.  His clothes, his voice, his dance moves, his songs…the guy had style.  A truly entertaining performer and interesting artist.  People remember him in this way, at the top of his game, rockin the 80’s with black spandex.  Moonwalking across stage.  Twitching during the instrumental parts of his song.  Belting out lyrics that everyone can somehow relate to in his high, showy voice. 

All this fuss about a man who went moderately insane after fame took hold (pet monkey, Neverland, 25 plastic surgeries, drowning in debt, skin color change, prescription drug addiction, dangling son off of balcony, wearing masks, sleeping with kids “innocently”, 2 resulting child molestation charges…) All this respect and drama about a famous singer who, rather obviously, developed emotional stability problems.  Suddenly to everyone he was so kind-hearted, shy, naive; misunderstood.  Ahem.  No comment.  But – love him or hate him – Michael Jackson has officially become Legend.

In light of his recent death, I think it’s entirely appropriate to acknowledge the impact this talented musician had on our culture.  The world always remembers supa-shine!!!! My favorite songs of his are:


Man In the Mirror

Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough


Dirty Diana

The Way You Make Me Feel

Billie Jean

White or Black

(And, of course) Thriller


He gave the 80’s a lot of power and punch.  When I think 80’s, I think Michael Jackson.  A true entertainer, performer, dancer, showman, and musician.  Think about it.  That’s a lot of talent for one guy.  So despite his downward spiral into crazy, I’m going to miss this pop Legend.


♥ L


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