Cinema Distractions

Youtube is a wonderful thing.  Who would ever guess that watching under-ten-minute-videos online could be so entertaining? The possibilites of what to watch are endless – comedians, music videos, do-it-yourselfs, trailers, news recaps, T.V. shows, movies, music, fanmades…I now want to quit writing this and go watch something on Youtube.  But I won’t.  Instead, I will share some of my all time favorite videos straight from this wonderful site.

Jack White scores again with this slightly creepy, vintage-shot, rockin music video.

Okay, what’s Youtube without a bit of silliness?

BBC’s adaption of the Thomas Hardy novel, Tess of the d’ubervilles.  One of the most faithful book-to-movie examples out there, and exquisite acting.  This scene breaks my heart every time.

The Joker Blogs.  Addicting.  Too bad there aren’t more.

Officially my favorite fandub ever made.  It’s drop dead hilarious, especially if you already watch Avatar: the Last Airbender.  Case in point…”Who are you?” “An optimist.”

On a more serious note…August Rush is a wonderful movie about the power of music.  This is my favorite scene; where two of the main characters, Luis and Lyla, meet for the first time.  Admit it – the chemistry between them is unreal.  And Van Morrison’s “Moondance” wafting through the night air? Genius.

Jimmy Kimmel analyzes what Miss North Carolina says for the Miss Teen USA competition.  Took me five minutes to recover.

BBC’s (horribly unfaithful) adaption of the Emily Bronte novel, Wuthering Heights.  The only thing salvagable about this series is the actor, Tom Hardy, who plays Heathcliff.  Emily Bronte herself would weep for joy.  What talent.  So ignore the first 12 minutes of this.  Honestly…ridiculous.  But when you hit the 12 minute mark, man, it’s something to see…and at 14 minutes, the masterpiece ends.  If you know the story of Wuthering Heights, it’s especially powerful.

I can safely say that this is my favorite video posted on Youtube…ever.  That is all.

♥ L



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2 responses to “Cinema Distractions

  1. Lori

    You may be my spiritual / artistic doppelganger. Love the youtube picks!

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