Eighteen Years of Nonsense


Today is my birthday.  I woke up half expecting to be boring…wiser…or a little taller at least.  None of which happened.  My family are so sweet – they decorated the house, bought me flowers, and baked me a cake.  It just feels so wonderful to be remembered on my birthday.  I think it’s because 364 days of the year I go through life wondering if anyone truly cares about me.  Does anyone actually notice? Do I matter at all? And on my birthday, all of the big, unanswered questions sort of come into light and my own self-convinced unimportance is refreshingly contradicted.  Friends call, text, Facebook.  Suddenly I matter.  As self-centered as a birthday may seem, it just serves as a way to remember the people I love…and the people who love me back.  That is all.  And that is enough.


Fam drove down to Las Olas, walked around, looked in shops, ate dinner at a french restaurant, and then headed to the beach after sunset.  Low key nights are the best kind of nights.  No fireworks, no pulsating music.  Just laughter and companionship.  A simple celebration.  We ate cookie cake, watched a movie (Kingdom of Heaven), and opened presents.  Writing about it here does not give it justice.  Tonight was perfect.

she dreams

I have come to the conclusion that…you should live everyday as if it is your birthday.  And you should treat people everyday as if  it is their birthday.  How much better the world would be! So here’s your challenge – go out today and relate to someone as you would on their birthday.

-Give them your seat.

-Buy them flowers.

-Listen to their music.

-Be polite.

-Hug them.

-Go out to eat at the restaurant of their choice, or cook a special meal.

-Sleep in.

-Make the house beautiful with candles and streamers.

-Dress up a little before going out.

-Go for a walk on the beach.

-Window shop.

-Rent a movie from the library or a video store.

-Take plenty of pictures.

-Spend a magical afternoon or evening together.

And the way to “birthdayize” it, is to remain positive.  Everyone was positive to me today.  It makes such a difference…


♥ L


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